Saturday, 18 June 2011

the first night.

a little prologue... to kick start the game of words. who is the player? well, me, i'd say at first thought. yet a game generally entails a competitor. the possibility of defeat and the prospect of success. there is a set of rules according to which one plays and the experience is soaked in something we identify with a sort of chivalry, the spirit of sport. healthy competition. en enactment if you will of the struggle for survival, almost a primitive form of... art?

should i maybe say: a little prologue... the first stroke of the brush, the first chord strummed? but i would like to blurry the lines. to be art and artist. psychologist and patient. i would like to be the subject of the study as much as the head of the lab. the head, and the heart.

to know myself. a journey. an exploration. to monitor my sensations and my desires, to become intimate with my coin, both sides: the neediness and the autonomy. to acquaint myself - and listen to - the inner dialogue, that i may penetrate the mind of my characters. wait... characters? so theere is more than one me in me, so it is a game after all?

then let's play.

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