Wednesday, 23 May 2012

i dance therefore i am

when it comes to what really matters,
i do not know much.
but i have a feeling that
neither do you.
so let’s call it even and commence without pretense of revealed truths or
rules passed on by fathers, forefathers, the father
let’s make it fair and share
the darkness we walk through
step by step let’s snap out of illusion
and split the ground we gain like bread the poor
like mad the cure.

there isn’t much I know, I know,
but of one thing I am sure.
life is a dance, (mimic the beating heart)

:this here is my kickdrum and my snare
and it dares me to care,
for nothing but the moving.
grooving along in a sweaty dance hall
is my vision of enlightenment
because lightening may illumine the night, but in penumbras we can lie
and skin to skin, in soft moonshine
we can win
at midnight we can win.

so philosophers,

come dance we me!           

i ain’t talking theory, here
                                    i mean practice,
shake what your mama gave ya
                                    drop your booty like there’s no tomorrow,         
                                    because you know what? There ain’t one.

and if you're shy, timid, start easy
check to cheek,
or sensual
the sway of the hip,

or sexy,
down and dirty, then back up to kiss… whatever!

point is, the tempo’s set for all of us,
we have this much in common: limits established, rules of engagement.

life’s a contour to fill in with colour,
a tight rope to walk along and eyes to lock in glances over the abyss,
to turn the panic into bliss,
so when we’ve each killed god,
we are not left here all alone,

but all together!

brave and unashamed of our bodies with their truths
and our minds with their lies.

so let’s stomp over the frame
and we will find that a canvas is just as well a sail, if held at mid-air
a propeller to not just float,
but rock the boat,
to push ahead
who said we need an envelope for a word to be a message
a stage for a word to be a story
who said we need a gallery to win doodles glory?

i don’t know much I said but the guts tell me
we all hunger for intuition
the crotch screams a monition
that we can be masterpieces in the public square,
on a pedestal of feet firmly grounded onto this world,
flesh and bones
‘but the spirit?’ you say? ‘the spirit?’
well, baby, the spirit is nothing but the vibrations we emanate as we create the present
what we produce when we let loose
the wake behind us as we snake across today
the echo of what we say
the spirit is but the effects of our affects.

and since the present ever flows, we can correct
reflect and renew the pact that since we wanted to make it fair
every moment is square one,
and if you care to run,
it’s all downhill from here.

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